Saturday, Feb. 10, 1945

41st day – 324 days to follow

Temp 35

Fair and warmer, thawing.

Left the hill for home at 830 Am stopped in at Picks and carried her two boys over here.

Thel is still feeling pretty punk.

Dor brought down an oil burner to loan Pic and Pic rode over to town to leave David at Arnice’s.

Dug the snow out around the place here.

Smokey, our prize cat the most intelligent cat we ever had, picked up some ground glass? I think for I found him in the cellar with blood foam he had thrown up and his mouth was full of blood foam and he had suffered so much and was so far gone I shot him to stop his suffering any more.

I went up on the hill and fixed the fire as I came home I saw Ernest Peter with his car on H.H. drive.

Stopped in a few minutes to see Pic and Walder.

We all went to bed early.

Eric stayed here tonight.

Walder bought a generator to give his house lights but it is not big enough for the heater or the stove.

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