Sunday, Feb. 11, 1945

42nd day – 323 days to follow

Temp 38

Went up on the hill and it was OK,

Stopped in at Picks on the way home.

Thel is feeling a little better today. 

The Driscoll girls are down.

The oil came today for the kitchen stove.

Pic and Walder dropped in for a few minutes.

Dot and Da Del stopped in for a few minutes.

Mr H called up from Boston to see what the word was on getting heat in the house on the hill.

Claire and Margaret Driscoll dropped in, their family are OK.

Thawing some now and a lot of water in the street.

Went up on the hill tonight and had the fireplace going to get the heat up .

Saw a grey squirrel up on the hill and two male blue birds.

Stopped in at Picks and got some clothes for Eric.

Poor old Jokey the smartest cat we ever had I found him in our cellar and there was bloody foam coming from his mouth so I examined him  and there was skin scraped off his feet so I think he got crushed in front of the snow plow and fractured some of his ribs that punctured his lungs so I shot him out of pity.

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