Monday, Feb. 12, 1945

43rd day – 322 days to follow

Temp 35

Hunting Lic

Took a box of parcel post stuff over to town and sent it to Mrs. H.

Got a ride over with R. McNari the bog man, he said I could dig around his bog.

Got a hunting and fishing license.

Paid Jordan for the percolator handle.

Saw Reg and Albert Morton.

Got a ride home from town with John Davis.

We have a group of Boston linemen working on Warren Ave.

John O’Brian fixed up Walders meter and using but could not hook him up to the street pole as he has no juice yet.

Thel got a tel call said that Nona’s baby has scarlet fever and Barby is up at Ed Holmans.

Eric and Pic went over to Arnice’s.

Boy it sure feels good to be able to go to sleep and not worry about the house on the hill for the juice came on at 5-5 PM.

So I called up Mr H and let him know how things are.

Kathryn answered the call.

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