Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1945

45th day – 320 days to follow

Temp 30

Light snow, wine east.

I received a letter from Mr. Howe of Holyoke.

Only a few juncos up around the hill today.

Stopped in at Picks, she has her light and heat now.

Eric is sick in bed with internal grippe.

Saw Mrs Clarke at noon and she said that her boy got out of bed today for the first time since the night I dragged him home on his sled.

Thel said Bellue called up and said the welfare was taking Aunt Tirzah over to town.

Ski brought home her graduation pictures from the High school and they are good.

Took the bus over to the Armory, Walder was on the bus, he said Eric was feeling better.

Worked for the supply Sergeant. 

Rode home with Deane, Clarkie, and Paul.

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