Thursday, April 12, 1945

102nd day – 263 days to follow

Temp 85

President Roosevelt


Saw the sparrowhawk today.

Worked in the cutting garden and turned the water on in the barn and in the garden.

Bill came up while I was eating supper and we went up to the dig.

Bill found a crude flaked axe, a polishing stone and a rubbing stone.

I found one broken quartz point one large knife base and triangular small arrowhead only fair and a large bed of red and grey ash and one pit with nothing in it but brown hummus.

Lots of shell where we were digging tonight.

When we got home the girls had some very bad news for us.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died this afternoon.

I am thankful that I did not have to wait for him to die to realize and admire that he was a great man.

Thel has gone up to the hall to a whist party.

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