Saturday, April 14, 1945

104th day – 261 days to follow

Temp 86


This morning I went up on the hill and saw Mr Mrs H and Geo Crowell.

Then I came back home and Thel and I rode over to town and we picked up Bill and Mrs Whiting and we all went up to the University Club to the Mass Arch Soc Semi Anni meeting.

Bill and I took up a box with the pottery we put in from the Browns dig. It sure was great to see all the boys again, they are a fine group.

We had some good speakers in the afternoon and evening.

Bill and I ate dinner at the Viking and walked over to Percella and met the woman and had lobster supper then we went back to the University Club and heard the evening speaker. He gave us a talk on Texas Archeology.

Thel and Mrs Whiting went to the Arnold Arboretum in the morning and out to MIT and saw Dave and got the Radio he took up last week to fix.

Ned Brooks, Mariece, Ben Smith, Fred Johnson, Jo Brew and a host of the best men in the business were there.

We got home in fair season it was 11 PM as we came thru town.

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