Saturday, April 21, 1945

111th day – 254 days to follow


Temp 65

Partly cloudy.

Fred Moon was painting today

Jubbie mowed the lawn and I did some work in the house and painted some lawn furniture.

Bill Whiting came up after dinner and he and I went up to the dig and he found the base of a triangular spear, very  large and wonderful flaking of red felspar, one white quartz triangular corner broken off, and a bed of ashes and one small pit.

I found one small red felspar stemmed point small, fair, and one flaking stone very good and much used, one small point of a white quartz arrow.

After supper, Eleanor drove me over to H,H. greenhouse and I got the yew trees that came from Craig, I wonder why the dum clucks always send their stuff on Saturday afternoon.

Thel and I went over to Adrian Whtings to a small meeting of the MAS group there were 15 members there and we had a rather sketchy meeting.

We got home at 12 M.

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