Sunday, April 22, 1945

112th day – 253 days to follow

Guarded Armory

Temp 58

Cold NW Wind

Charlie Sherman called me up this morning and said it was Mr Metcalf of New Bedford that found the of copper and woven cloth.

Charlie Wall called me up and he wanted me to come down to the Armory and act as guard tonight.

Percy Finney came over and he and I went over to the trap and I got 8 herring. After I got home I did some work on the canoe.

The kids are catching a few white perch over at River St Bridge.

Frank Holman stopped by to borrow a clam digger.

Put on my uniform and went down to the Armory and Sgt Wall was there and we inspected all windows and doors.

Mr Carr built a fire in the fireplace of coal as the place was cold as a barn.

After they left I was on guard duty for the night with a tommy gun and 45 auto pistol with orders to shoot on sight anyone in the building.

There were four brakes in armories last week and riot guns and Tommy guns were stolen.

I made four trips around the inside of the building during the night.

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