Sunday, April 23, 1945

113th day – 252 days to follow

Yew trees

First fish

Temp 47

Dressed at 5 AM and Sarg Wall came in to put the Tommy gun away.

Walked as far as Cobbs Cornishes hollow when Ashton Howland came along and gave me a ride as far as the corner of Cliff St.

Went up on the hill and planted the yew trees at the foot of the drive.

Fred Moon worked on the hill today.

After dinner Jubbie and I carried water down to the trees I planted.

Chet Malaguti and Pete Shurman were up on the hill picking up brush.

Thel and Ski and Cozette went up to Boston today. Thel had a ticket to turn in, so I gave her some money to buy material for Ski’s graduation dress and some to get me a set of tires and tubes for my bike

Jubbie caught a white perch last night.

Thel and Ski got back from Boston at 4 PM.

Jubbie came in and Thel took us over to the Bridge and we fished in the river and I caught one red perch, young.

Charle Hadaway caught a red and a white perch as I gave him mine to make a mess,

Mick Swift gave me a ride home.

Thel went up to the Church to a meeting.

Heavy frost this morning.

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