Tuesday, April 24, 1945

114th day – 251 days to follow

Temp 58

John Finneys truck was up today carting off rubbish.

Fair and cool wind East.

Painted lawn furniture today.

Thel, Cozette and Dot Dunlap came up this afternoon, they are going up to Fresh Pond for supper tonight.

Eleanors chickens are doing fine, they should, she takes care of them like babies.

Marie Jr has the first cold in her life, not bad.

Mr Davis the electrician died of heart failure.

Thel got me a pair of tires and tubes for my bike yesterday and I put a new tire and tube on my rear wheel and the bike runs slick.

John Finney was up on the hill a few minutes this afternoon.

Another heavy frost this morning and it froze the leaves on my walnut tree.

We and the Frasers and the Hathaways all went up to Raymonds Corner to a supper for Charlie Fraser.

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