Monday, April 30, 1945

120th day – 245 days to follow

Temp 60

House CLeaners


Cloudy today and a little warmer.

Thel, Cozette, and Dot Dunlap came up on the hill to start house cleaning.

Fred Moon did not show up today.

Three people, a man, his wife and child, lost their lives in a fire in No Plymouth early yesterday morning.

After work I rode my wheel around by the sandbank and looked it over and found nothing. But as the bank dried out and sand is carted off from the bottom something good may slide down.

Bill Whiting left me half a bushel of hard row herrings.

Charlie Holman was in tonight and he said his father Ed Holman is sick so Thel has gone up there.

I took the herrings over to Percy Finney and he salted them down.

After supper I rode my wheel over to River St Bridge and caught one red perch and one white one. Jubbie got one red one and gave it to me.

Bill Whiting came over to the bridge and he had some arrowheads he had dug up in a shell pit up at the nook.

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