Tuesday, May 1, 1945

121st day – 244 days to follow

Temp 60

Cloudy again today but no rain.

Worked most all day digging out dandelions and plantings in the lawns.

The girls were up on the hill today.

Jubbie worked today.

I thought I heard the house wren but did not see it.

There is a news rumor that Hitler died in Berlin this afternoon.

The perch I caught over at the river were fine eating.

My radishes have been up for a couple of days and the peas have broken the ground.

I fixed our lawn mower tonight.

I heard that they had to release a nurse from the Hospital to take care of Irma and her two children.

Bill Whiting called me up at supper time and said he had dug up some more pits up at the Nook farm and had some good luck.


On May 1, 1945, Hamburg Radio declared Adolf Hitler had died at his post in Berlin; Grand Adm Karl Doenitz proclaimed himself fuehrer.

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  1. What an overwhelming feeling of history….I am so addicted to reading the daily diary. Thank you so much for taking your time to share .

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