Wednesday, May 2, 1945

122nd day – 243 days to follow

Temp 60


Fair and cool.

Redo and Bill were up from Jordan’s Hardware to put in a toilet in the Guest Room closet for Hank to use this summer. Ashton Howland was up to do the carpentering.

Thel and Cozette were up cleaning house.

I put in most of the day working on the pool and the pool gardens.

Eleanor took the gremlin out to see the Dr and he wasn’t at his office.

The Gremlin has just cut two lower teeth and a bad cold at the same time.

Helen Finney is over here telling about her Clarence that has got back from overseas.

There was a special broadcast at noon and it said that the German Army in Italy surrendered today.

Took the bus over to the Armory and the C.O. gave out service stars, a few got two.

Thel has gone to her club tonight.

David and I and Clarkie came up as far as the croner after drill.

Mrs Fraser came around at 11 PM and said someone was breaking in at the Hartwell house, Charlie Fraser and I went up and it was a pump pumping on a bog.

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