Sunday, May 13, 1945

133rd day – 232 days to follow


This morning I went up on the hill and no one was up.

From there I went up to Bill Henry’s old farm (Whipples) and hunted for two hours and all I found was two broken quartz scrapers.

On the way back I stopped at the hill and saw Dimp Mr and Mrs H and Martha.

The minister came in after dinner.

Ski went over to the Roundses.

Eleanor went over to spend the day with Mrs Stephani.

Rained all afternoon. Thel had to go over in the car to get Eleanor and Marie.

Went up on the hill to check up and came back by Picks and saw her and Walder and Eric and David.

The boys had got over their colds but Walder still has some.

They haven’t heard from Howard for a couple of months.

Had quite a thunderstorm tonight, rather sharp lightning.

Bill called me up and said he and Adrian and Charlie Anderson went hunting yesterday from Duxbury all the way over to Bridge-W

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