Monday, May 14, 1945

134th day – 231 days to follow

Temp 77

Fair and warm, best day we have had for a long time.

Tore down the little building that was in the grove in back of Clarke’s.

The carpenter was on the hill.

Jubbie and I piled up wood in back of the barn.

The tiny rabbit is still in my flowerbed.

After work I went over to HH plowing and gave it a once over and found only one piece of English flint.

Thel, Cozette, and Dot came up on the hill and went home again.

After supper I worked on the hen yard and planted a row of string beans, a row of Horticulture, a row of lima beans, and a few peanuts.

Saw Phil Chandler working in his garden. Percy Finney was planting in his garden.

Archie and Jubbie were over planting in his garden.

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