Tuesday, May 15, 1945

135th day – 230 days to follow

Temp 75

Fair and warm.

The carpenters are up on the hill.

I had to catch the baby rabbit as it was eating every thing in the flower bed. I put it up back of the barn under the new wood pile.

Mrs H called Thel up at noon.

After supper, I worked some in the garden.

Thel had the past Chief Pythians up here for an anniversary supper.

I went over to Percy Finneys and played cribbage, he won four out of six games.

Ada came here with May to spend the evening.

Some Buzzard Bay fog tonight.

Beauregard the electrician was up today and he wired up the new bathroom, put up the lamp that used to be down at the Beach Club, he put it in the front hall.

One Reply to “Tuesday, May 15, 1945”

  1. Buddy Beauregard was a friend of my father’s Ferdi Emond, at the Emond Building, Main St. Ext. Buddy worked for John J. O’Brien my great uncle. Buddy was a well respected electrician in Plymouth.

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