Monday, June 11, 1945

162nd day – 203 days to follow

Income tax


Eleanor went over to town and she went off my income tax, and paid the water tax.

I saw a female humming bird up on the hill in the apple tree so I thought she might have a nest in it and I looked at the lowest branch and there it was, it has two eggs in it.

Sold my Beach Club key to Geo Crowell.

He told me they have formed a corporation of 15 who have taken over the Beach Club and that they might put another bridge over the river and make a parking place for the public and charge them parking spaces.

Went over the fence to look at Phil’s garden.

Thel took up my copy of Lew Covell’s will, as Amy Chase has threatened to kick up a stink up at Lews house tomorrow.

Phil has two nice looking calves and three small pigs.

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