Tuesday, June 12, 1945

163rd day – 202 days to follow

Temp 70

Warm and fair

Worked most all day puttering around.

After supper I worked till dark in the garden, set out some oak leaf lettuce and a lot of tomatoes.

There was an auto crash over by Henry Hornblowers drive entrance.

Archie and Cozette came over a few minutes tonight.

My peas, corn, and potatoes look fine. The peas are going to have a heavy bloom.

Bill Whiting called me up and he said he had a letter from Doug Byers acknowledging his receipt of Bill’s article on the nook site.

Eleanors chickens are growing fine.

Saw a tiny wild rabbit against one of the stone walls, and I thought it was a common rat, so I grabbed the 410 and was ready to exterminate it when I found it was a rabbit.

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