Friday, June 22, 1945

173rd day – 192 days to follow

Temp 76

Ski dance

Fair and warm turning to light fog.

Harry’s wife was scared stiff when I picked up a milk snake up on the hill

Trimmed shrubs, fixed table this am.

Mrs H gave me a box of 00 Buck shot.

The Old Colony Memorial gave me a fine front page write up on the Happenings at the Armory Wed 20th.

Cut the tops off a pine tree in front of the house.

Bill was up a few minutes this PM.

When I ate supper Bill Whiting called up to congratulate me for what he read in the Old Colony about Wed night.

Frank Holman was here a few minutes.

After supper, THel, Ski, and I went up to stump town and picked up Viola Black and we all went to the Memorial Hall to the Graduation dance.

Thel and I came home early so that Eleanor could go to the dance.

Jeannett Covell went over to the dance with us.

Frank Holman has a Boston Bull terrier pup that he thinks is tops.

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