Saturday, June 23, 1945

174th day – 191 days to follow

Temp 84

Fair and hot.

All the folks were on the hill today,

After dinner I worked for a while in the garden but quit as it was so hot.

About 3-30 I rode my wheel over to the Nook Farm, saw Geo Lee and had a chat with him.

Then went up in to the upper corn field and hunted for two hours and found three extra good stems, med felsite arrowheads, one large bond triangular felsite shaped point and one tiny white quartz point.

Came home at supper and went up on the hill and fixed my pump plunger.

Eleanor and Ski have gone to town.

Phil Chandler has a poney that belongs to some summer people at the head of the street.

Grandma Crowell is in pretty bad shape and is not expected to last much longer.

Margaret Driscoll was in to pay us a visit this evening.

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