Sunday, June 24, 1945

175th day – 190 days to follow

Put in pump at camp.

Borrowed a large stilson wrench from Ruth Finney and took it to the pond to use on the pump.

Thel and I went up to the pond after I got back from the hill and the store.

Ski’s lunch got put in the car by mistake and Thel had to bring it back so she could have it to take to Saquish with the Rounds’s in their boat.

Archie and I pulled up the pipe and I spent about an hour cleaning the screens in the well point.

Thel and I started to put the pipe in again and one length broke off and I had to dig down five feet to get a grip on the pipe below the break and we yanked it out and got a new length from Archie and drove her down again.

We put the pump on and it worked fine.

So I build in a sink and we have it better than it ever was.

Eleanor went over to Stephani’s to spend the day.

Saw Georgie Moons wife up at the store and she said she is expecting him home tomorrow.

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