Thursday, July 5, 1945

186th day – 179 days to follow

Temp 75


Hot and fair.

Cleaned rugs and mowed at the foot of the drive.

Something stung on the corner of my mouth and the right side of my face swelled something fierce. 

Mrs Driscoll was in here when I came home at noon.

When I got home we were eating supper when the tel rang saying that George was on his way.

We had just finished supper when George came in he sure was quite exhausted.

He brought me a set of four revolvers one is a beauty that he had carried as a side arm in France and Germany.

George looks fine and is going to stay here.

Geo also gave me a watch he got from a German for 2 packets of cigarettes.

Harry’s wife told me Harry is a 1st Liut now and thinks he may have to go to China.

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  1. Thanks Andi for this post. I wondered when my father made it home from the war – now I know. I did not know he came home with so many souvenirs.

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