Wednesday, July 4, 1945

185th day – 180 days to follow

Temp 75

Fair and hot.

Went up on the hill this AM saw Mrs H.

Archie and Jubbie went fishing this AM and Archie got a six bass striper.

Took a walk over to Archies to see the Automatic and camera Eddie brought back home from Germ.

After dinner I went down to the Armory and met the bunch and we all went out as far as the Cordage and marched into town and down Water St past the Rock and then disbanded.

Came home on the 4 PM bus with Robear, he was going up to Beach Park.

Put some Bordeaux on my potatoes.

9-15 we ran out and the sky was all aglow over by Hornblowers so we went along by the Beach and had a dandy view of the fire it was HH dump and it sure did make a great glow.

Margaret Driscoll and Elizabeth and Helen Finney went with us.

They fired Ida’s barn again this am, twice in one night and didn’t hurt it any.

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