Tuesday, July 3, 1945

184th day – 181 days to follow

Temp 70

Fair and a little cooler, great day.

Jubbie and I worked at the foot of the front driveway.

After supper I worked in my garden til dark.

Then we all went up to the Driscolls to look at a couple of fires in two of Bates hen house in back of their farm.

We stayed up there till 10.30.

There is a bonfire going now up in front of the store.

George called up Eleanor a little after 4 P today and he expects to be here in a couple of days.

Mary Gallagher showed me her 1000 bond the first one I had seen.

Planted some peanuts, cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli, and lettuce.

Saw Ruthie Con Amberg on the Ave she is taking care of the birds in Claire Driscolls house.

11-15 there was a fire started in Ida Finneys barn was set on fire but it was put out in a few minutes.

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