Sunday, July 22, 1945

203rd day – 162 days to follow

Grandma Crowell

Thel and Lottie went down home to get Ski.

Bill and I took a walk over to the river that runs out of Halfway Pond, he showed me the site of an old stove factory and the dike that used to hold the water back for water power.

We found three scarlet wood lilies and dug them up and transplanted them at Bills camp when we got back.

When Ski arrived we went over to the lily pad pond and caught a lot of small red perch for bass bait.

After dinner Bill, Ski, and I went bass fishing till 6-30 PM. We fished everywhere Bill thought we ought to have some luck.

All we got was 5 large perch and one small pickerel.

When we got home George’s family were having a party and sent us over some steamed clams and a lobster each.

Tehl went over to Toots for eggs.

Grandma Crowell was buried from the church today. She sure was a fine old lady who lived a long and useful life

She was Marie’s nurse when Victoria was born (30 years earlier) 

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