Monday, Aug. 6, 1945

218th day – 147 days to follow

Jubbie and I watered this A.M.

I cut Hank’s initials H.H. 111 & 45.

Started in raining at noon so Jubbie and I cleaned up the house cellar.

I had intended to go up to see if there is any swamp blueberries tonight but the woods are too wet.

Geo and Eleanor left at 6 P.M. as he is going back to Fort Devens tonight takes a train from Boston about 10 P.M.

Walder called me up at noon and said Ida had dropped her price to 6,500 but it is still too high.

Geo sure hated to leave tonight.

President Truman announced the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan, it has 2000 times the explosive power of anything else invented.

3 Replies to “Monday, Aug. 6, 1945”

    1. It really is. I appreciate this blog even though I’m not a relative. I like reading about day-to-day life back then and every once in a while there is a casual mention like this. Thanks for doing this.


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