Tuesday, Aug. 7, 1945

219th day – 146 days to followCool and wet fog and east wind.

Jubbie carried coal from the barn to the house cellar.

The news is mostly about the Atomic Bomb.

Geo telephoned to Eleanor from Ft Devens.

Roy Holman’s wife and two kids were here when I got home from work.

I have a fine lot of musk mellons set and hope nothing happens to them.

We haven’t heard that anything has happened to Dottie as yet.

After supper Thel took Davene and I up the Russell Mill Road and I went over to my pet swamps and there wasn’t a berry on the swamp blueberry bushes, that makes two years in succession, the frost has killed the blossoms.

Three summers ago there was oceans of berries.

Dave just called up and said that Dottie went to the hospital yesterday but it was a false alarm and she is at home again now.

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