Monday, Sept. 3, 1945

246th day – 119 days to follow

Fair and cool.

Thel and I came home early by the AM and we stopped on the hill and I fixed the fire.

After I got back to the camp I went fishing for an hour or so and got nothing.

After dinner Archie and I went over to Triangle pond and he caught two large red perch and I caught a pickerel in my hand, it was trying to eat a small perch I had for bait, I pulled the bait in slowly till it was right under the log I was standing on, then I reached down and caught it in my hand.

Thel, Cozette, Eleanor, Ski, and Roger came home early so Jubbie, Archie and I came home later.

We stopped up at the hill for me to fix the fire.

Bert and Ethel stopped in to see us but we were not at home.

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