Tuesday, Sept. 18, 1945

261st day – 104 days to follow

Cool and cloudy, wind east.

Dragged out limbs and cut down dead pines in back of the barn.

Ski got her last letter from Alex, he is sailing for home and won’t be able to write again.

Jubbie came to work this afternoon and it started to rain at 330.

Eleanor’s hens laid 8 eggs today.

Archie dug his potatoes last Sunday,

Geo Whiting is staying over at Percy Finney’s with his wife, she was in here last night to look at my Indian relics.

I saw our cat down in Chandles.

Bobbie and Gretchen came up and spent the evening. Bob and I played three games of cribbage, I won two.

He is going down to New Bedford to ship on a scallop dragger.

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