Friday, Nov. 30, 1945

Beach Park

334th day- 31 days follow

North East gale is still going strong.

I went up on the hill this A.M. and from there down to beach park. At high tide the sea had crossed Warren Ave. and smashed up the breakwater, and washed out a lot of the parking space fill.  There was a lot of cars parked so the people could look at the breakers and they were coming and going all the time.

Saw one little [  ] that had got run over in the road, they are out of luck when they land on the ground as they have to be on water to be able to fly.

Stopped in the see Pick and the kids on the way home.

After supper Thel came down and got Ski and I up to Grandma Holmans to the celebration, there was 42 persons there. They got some nice presents, and a purse of $105.00.  The party (ended) between 11 and 12 P.M.

2 Replies to “Friday, Nov. 30, 1945”

  1. Bracketed word was “auk”, which live primarily out to sea but come to land to breed. Puffins also in the auk family. Thank you, Fred Dunford!


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