Sunday, Dec. 9, 1945

343rd day- 22 days follow


Partly cloudy.

George was down here when we were having breakfast.

I went up on the hill and saw Mr.and Mrs. H.  After doing chores I rode over as far as Mr Brewsters, and then home.

Thel and Ski went to church.

Ski went horseback riding this afternoon.

After dinner Phil and I went up to the Whipples plowing, where I used to work for Bill Finney.  I found one fine broad triangular red felsite arrowhead about half way down on the Chateau side and one large finely flaked green flint quartzite knife out top of the knoll near the road and one small triangular white quartz point just as I was coming off the plowed land.

Went up on the hill tonight got there just as Mr. and Mrs. H. were leaving.

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