Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1946

2nd day-363 days follow


Mrs. H. was up on the hill all day.

The squirrels were all on deck.

Pretty cold today but fair

Stopped in at Picks on my way home at noon.

She said Walder had all three of his pictures hung in the art exhibit in Boston.

Stopped in again at night.

After supper Bill Whiting came in, and Jimmie Rae and Ed Priestly came in with several thousand Indian arrowheads that Jimmie is trying to sell for someone in Brockton.

Bill and I looked the stuff over to give Jimmie an idea what it was worth.

We have seen an awful lot of Indian artifacts before, but never such a mess of junk as that was, not much better than so much crushed stone.

Thel went to club tonight.

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