Sunday, Jan. 13, 1946

13th day- 32 days follow

Fair and cold No. West wind

This morning George and I went up on the hill and from there up to his new house, and we did some furniture moving.  From here we went down to his mothers and to Bob Bartletts and back again.  After dinner we went up to Hertsalls and loaded up the last of their stuff.

Dave’s family and George Hamer and Mrs. Nowell arrived from Winthrop so we came back to the house and saw the folks. Dave and George went up to the house with us.

So I went over to Howard Haires and Walder was there so we ran out the lines of the property his house is on.  We finally found the corner stones and a lot of evidence of a deer having lived in there.  It probably was the big buck that I tracked up at Georges.

Walder brought me home and came in to see the folks.

They all went over to Picks for a visit, and came back to pick up some things and went home.

George and Eleanor closed up the Herstall house late this afternoon.

Saw Betty Covell and her boyfriend go by today.

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