Saturday, Jan. 19, 1946

19th day- 346 days follow

Fair and very cold.

Mr. H, Mr. Bubbins, and a friend were up on the hill when I got up there this A.M.

Eleanor and George worked up at their house all day.

After dinner I made up a scrap book out of the Archeology pages of some Hobbies magazines.

Went up on the hill tonight and talked an hour and a half with Mr. Bubbins.  I think he is a pretty nice fellow.

Thel took me up to Charlie Sherman’s tonight to the M.A.S. meeting.  We had a fine meeting and a bean supper.

Seamans wife came to tonights meeting for the first time.

Bill Whiting gave Roddie, his wife, and I a ride home. Down to 0 when I got home at 11:15 P.M.

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