Sunday, April 7, 1946

97th day- 268 days follow

Fair and cold wind north.

There were a lot of shrubs to take care of up on the hill when I went up there this A.M.

Came home and Thel and the Shanklins and I went down to the camp and had dinner and stayed till 6:30 P.M.  We came back by Long Pond.

The Hathaways got down to the pond before we did.

We played a few games of horse shoes and a few of cribbage.

Ski worked today.

Thel and I went to church this A.M.

Charlie Sherman called me up tonight about the panel that had been nominated for the October election of the M.A.S.  He was very much fussed up about it and talked longer over the phone than I ever listened before.

Ski is going to take care of the W.H.D.H. station again.

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