Sunday, May 12, 1946

132nd day- 232 days follow

Partly cloudy and warmer.

Dave took me up on the hill and up to Eleanors to leave their paper.

Thel went to her fathers this A.M.

Just before dinner Bobbie Lee and his

 wife came up for a few minutes to see Dave and his family.

Dave and family left early in the afternoon.

Eleanor and Marie stopped in on their way to George’s mothers.

I went up to the corner lot and watched the crowd playing soft ball.  They are planning to have a team this summer.

Saw a catbird up at Mrs. Sawyers. Dug some of the hen yard when I got home.

Went up on the hill.  Stopped i to see Pic and Walder on the way home, had some steamed clams and stayed till 11 P.M.

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