Monday, May 13, 1946

133rd day- 232 days follow

Fair and warmer.

Rained harder last night.

Cozette and Helen Griffin are up on the hill.

Mrs. H. forgot to take her suitcase home yesterday.  She called up about it.

Ski is home today.  She said that Ed Holman is in bad shape today.

Tilly came up on the hill this afternoon after her mother to take her up to see her father as he is worse.

Jubbie and I finally finished up on the wood pile behind the barn.

After supper I planted two kinds of corn, three kinds of radishes, three kinds of beets, two kinds of chard, three kinds of lettuce, two kinds of squash and one kind of cucumbers.

Archie came in when I finished planting and he said there was up at Holmans now so I went over to his house and he beat me three straight games of cribbage.  Thel and Cozette came in before we finished the last  game.

Bill Whiting called me up and said that he got 56 barrels of herring up at his trap, and he thinks there are at least 100 barrels more there.

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