Sunday, May 19, 1946

139th day-226 days follow

Mrs. H. was up on the hill this A.M.  Cleared up at noon and after 4 P.M. Archie and I went up to Manomet to Little Island Pond to go fishing. When we got over to our favorite tree that had blown {down} over the water we found that some one had cut all the limbs off the tree so we couldn’t use it, so we sent further up the pond onto the island and we found a large group of white dogwood trees in full bloom.

We found a good place to fish, and I was on the end of a wharf and the fish started to bite so I invited Archie to share it with me, so he came out where I was and the wharf collapsed and dumped both of us into the pond.

I caught 5   small black bass, 2 white perch, and 5 good sized red perch and several smaller ones.

When we came home I ate supper with Archie.

Thel came down there from her mothers.

Raked over part of my garden to kill small weeds. Found eight hard shelled potato bugs.

Mrs. H. went down to the canal to try to get a striper.

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