Friday, May 31, 1946

151st day- 214 days follow

Worked up around the house all day, cut the lower limbs off three linden trees on the front lawn.

An old woodchuck has made his home under the front porch, and he has eaten off most of the plants in one of the flower beds.  I set a trap for him.

Jubbie worked today.

After supper I went up on the hill to see if I had caught the woodchuck.  It had sprung the trap but was not in it.

Thel is feeling punk today.

I caught a full grown young starling at noon.  I took it up on the hill and let it go in the pool garden.

Archie was over tonight working in his part of the garden.

Saw Harry H. tonight.  Played him two games of horseshoes.  I lost one.

One Reply to “Friday, May 31, 1946”

  1. The gardener’s dilemma! Having caught six woodchucks I can only empathize with my grandfather..they certainly know how to destroy a garden!


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