Saturday, June 1, 1946

152nd day- 213 days follow


Cloudy and cold

Trimmed up some more around the house.

Mr. H. and Geo. Crowell were up on the hill this morning.

Dr. Hagart and Mrs. Hagart stopped in for a few minutes.

Bill came up after dinner and he and I went up to the dig and we stayed till the rain drove us out.  Bill found the finest arrowhead we have gotten there so far and it sure was a honey..absolutely perfect, and he got some grit tempered pottery and one piece of graphite.

I got one whole blunt arrowhead and dtwo broken ones, one of them had a corner gone.  It had been a fine one before it was broken.  Found several pieces of grit tempered pottery, and one large piece of fine, figured, shell tempered.  We also found what we think was an old grave. There were a few small fragments of what looked like skull bone in it.

Mr. Shanklin was in and he beat me two games of cribbage.

Tonight Thel and I went up to see Geo. and Eleanor for an hour or so.

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