Sunday, June 2, 1946

Rainy and cold.

Ski told us this morning that she has been given charge to the milk bar and a $5.00 raise.

Thel and I went down to the camp and Archie came in while we were eating dinner.  So in the afternoon we went over to their camp and Archie and I took up his well pipe.

On the way down we stopped at the store and got George’s paper as we went by.  We stopped at Gellar’s and left our spare tire and picked it up on the way home.

Mr. Shanklin was in yesterday afternoon and he beat me two games of cribbage.

Eddie Hathaway has moved in up over Geo. and Eleanor’s. 

Stopped at the house on the way back.  Mr. H. was getting a lobster supper ready for Henry’s wife’s relations.

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