Sunday, Aug. 4, 1946

216th day- 149 days follow

Hazy and warm this A.M. Cleared off hot at noon.

This morning I rode my wheel up as far as Withington’s and found that the place I was going to look over had corn growing on it. Came back around by the sand bank, looked it over and found nothing.

Then Thel and I went down to the camp.

The Shanklin family were there for dinner.

Mr. Shanklin, Archie, and I took Bob’s boat over into Abbot’s Pond and fished for a couple of hours.  We caught about 30 of the finest yellow perch I ever saw.  Then we came back to my camp and I cleaned them and we all had a swell feed of fish.

Archie has to drive to N.Y. for Finney tonight.

The Parofax Gas truck went thru the post and cable fence this side of the sheep farm.

Myles had a swell time down at the camp.  He had a good swim.

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