Monday, Aug. 5, 1946

217th day- 148 days follow

Partly cloudy and warm.

Jubbie and I trimmed hedges and shrubs this A.M.

After dinner Thel took Jubbie and I up to the blueberry swamps and we picked about a bucket full during the afternoon.  There is more water in the swamps than I ever saw in them before.

I told Jubbie that a deer had just been ahead of us in the brush and just after that we saw a pile of dirt where a tree had blown down so we looked at it and a doe and a tiny fawn had just been standing on it.

Geo., Eleanor, and Marie were here to supper. After supper Geo. and I went down to the mouth of the river and tried for bass and got nothing.  We saw three caught.

When we got thru we went up to his house, and I came home with Thel.

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  1. Really enjoyed your talk yesterday! Was 💭 if I can access posts from before I started reading them. From beginning? Thanks

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