Friday, Oct. 18, 1946

291st day- 74 days follow

Cloudy today, warm so. wind. Showers in the afternoon.

Mary Foley was up on the hill today.

I heard Frank Holman lost his driving license for 5 years.

Thel called me up at 4 P.M.  She was up at Eleanor’s and wanted me to come up there to supper.

So I went down the front drive and along the beach as far as the breakwater goes, then I went along the top of the bluff as far as the cliffs, as far as the Hotel looking for arrowheads, found nothing.  There have been several new large slides in the Hotel bluffs.

After supper we played cri cabbage. We won.

We started to walk home and it started to rain hard and Geo. caught up to us by Dick Adams’s and gave us a ride the rest of the way home.

His old care just barely runs.

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