Monday, Nov. 18, 1946

322nd day- 43 days follow


Cloudy and cold.

Dragged out brush all this A.M.

This noon is the first time for quite awhile that I haven’t carried my shotgun back and forth to work and darned if I didn’t scare up a cock pheasant in Ida Finney’s field as I was coming home at noon.

After I ate dinner I took Myles and my best gun, the one that used to be Percy Fiske’s.  We went up on the hill to see if we could find the cock pheasant.  We hunted all over the place and didn’t find it.  When we got down by the cutting garden, I had Myles on a long rope and he saw Eric’s dog, Grog, on the opposite side of the road.  Myles made a dash for Grog, and as he passed me the rope somehow caught my gun stalk and jerked it out of my hands and it flew up in the air and came down smash on the road firing off one barrel and smashed the gun all to pieces.

Thel was up to Eddie Hathaway’s all day putting on wallpaper.

Today is Eleanor’s birthday.  Thel took her up a cake for supper.

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