Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1946

337th day- 28 days follow

Worked till 12:45 up on the hill and then went up to George’s and he and I went over on the new G.C. and found Carl Bolt.  There were a lot of tracks of deer that were made last night.

We hunted around the links and over by Fisk Mabbitt’s, and up over this side of the Pine hills.

About 35 years ago I saw a metal road sign on the old ponds road.  It had been nailed on a live small white oak tree.  I saw it again today and it is almost completely covered up as the tree has grown over it.  It looks like this.

Geo. and I stayed on the G.C. till 5:15 P.M.

On the way home I stopped on the hill and found that Mr. and Mrs. H. had stopped on their way to the Vineyard.

Thel said the car is frozen up.

There is an enormous circle around the moon tonight that is supposed to forecast a storm in the very near future.

Helen Finney and her hubbie were in here tonight.  She is still carrying the baby undercover.  

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