Wednesday, Dec. 4, 19446

338th day- 27 days follow

Went up on the hill this A.M. and from there up to George’s.  We went along the Greenwood shore road and tracked one deer into the Lapham place section, and when we got to Greenwood’s four deer had crossed the road going up on the hill.  We went up on the hill and drove through.  I saw a doe but didn’t get a shot.

We drove through to the sand pit, ate dinner, then went up the tar road and saw where four deer had crossed to the lookout side.  We took the lookout road right through to Symington’s and worked back to Jordan’s G.C. then thru the swamp to Bill Doten’s, took a [?} till dark.

Henry Adams gave me a ride home, saw two hawks and an owl and two partridges.

Carl Bolt called me up tonight and said he shot at a doe on the links at 7:30 A.M.

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