Thursday, Dec. 5, 1946

339th day- 26 days follow

Thel took Geo. and I up to the Greenwood’s and we started in to hunt from there.

We worked across the hills over to the surfaced road.  And down through the hill to the golf course, met Carl and the three of us hunted from F. Mabbitt’s over to the sawdust pile.

While Carl and I were there a Cub flew low over us and up to the top of the Pine Hills and circled around and came back over us.  We looked up on top of the hill and there was a fire going up there.

It was too big for us to put out with nothing to fight with so we hustled over to Fiske Mabbitt’s and I called up the fire station.  They said they had been told of it.

Hunted up to the lookout and back.

Geo. and I stopped and at the bridge turned my boat over.

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