Fri, Dec. 6, 1946

340th day- 25 days follow

Warmer and cloudy.

Worked this A.M. Harry came up on the hill at 11 A>M. and he and I went up to the C.C.[Country Club] and did some measuring on the proposed new highway.

After dinner Thel took Geo. and I out deer hunting.  We picked up Carl Bolt at quaker tavern and all went up to Chris Swift’s bog and we hunted thru the scrub oaks.

We drove out one buck but didn’t see it.

Geo. and I came back home from Symmington’s thru to Fiske Mabbitt’s.  We got to George’s after dark.

Thel came up and got me.

Paid Mick Swift $20.00 for painting.

Found the remains of the mother kitty on the street in front of the house.  She had been run over by a car.

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