Saturday, Dec. 7, 1946

341st day- 24 days follow

Partly cloudy warmer.

Thel took Geo. and I up to Chris Swift’s bog and left us there.  We saw some fresh tracks and worked over to Beaver Dam Road.  Geo. found a doe deer skin and head.  Then we came back over the hill to the bog, met about a dozen guys we knew.  One of them had shot a doe in the park.

Geo. and I spent the afternoon standing on runs, saw nothing.

Two flocks of geese flew over. 

I broke my thermos bottle.

Geo. and I walked home as far as the Whipple’s.  Mr. Whip came [and] gave us a ride as far as the store.  Then we took Geo. home.

The Bulletin came today.  It had the full membership list.

Helen Finney is still hanging on.

Bill came in tonight and he had three fine bone artifacts he had dug up at the nook, one was a bone spearhead, a bone awl, and a small knuckle bone with a hole bored through it.

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